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Thailand a tropical paradise

Posted by Admin_SP on December 19, 2022

Thailand is an international destination for adventure and unforgettable experience that attracts travellers from all over the world. Tourists who discover Thailand for the first time regularly return to this beautiful country to enjoy their holidays. Walking through the typical streets of Bangkok, visiting the Temples of Chiang Mai, enjoying the beaches of Phuket or anywhere else, you can find travellers from around the globe.

As top destination for diving lovers, the country offers the choice of the Gulf of Thailand or the Andaman coasts to appreciate white sands and turquoise waters that tempt you to dive right in and discover the underwater fauna and flora that offer divers such a magnificent show.

Predominantly Buddhist country for around 98% of population, Thailand is a safe travel destination and travellers often notice a level of patience among Thai people and feel a sense of security while travelling in the country. This makes Thailand a place where stories are shared and new friendships are forged.

Thailand has a preserved history and culture because it’s the only country in south east Asia that has never been colonized by a foreign nation. The Temples, cuisine and cultural practices have remained untouched since decades.
The preservation of this history is one reason that Thailand is such a popular destination among curious travellers.
While Thailand is becoming an increasingly modernized country, there is something refreshing and mystical about these ancient monuments.

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